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Uncle Roger

For our assignment, I looked at the hypertext titled Uncle Roger. I was fascinated just with the idea of hypertext. I had never explored a hypertext before this class, or really understood what exactly it was either. However, after reading Michael Joyce’s “Of Two Minds”, and exploring Uncle Roger, I was very intrigued.

Upon exploring, I found three different files: A party in Woodside, The Blue Notebook, and Terminals. In the “A Party in Woodside” file, there were several links, each link leading to a different poem or small story. Many of these links were connected to a certain character or event that took place in the story. Reading them altogether creates the whole story. In the “Blue Notebook” file, it was again another story made up of links. However, this time it was a little more interactive, and you decided how the story went. It starts out with two icons, and depending on which icon you select, the story takes a different turn. Each time you click on an icon, the next piece of the story pops up, with two new icons for you to choose, each one having a different part to the story.

The last file, “Terminals”, was very unique. This file shows the image of a keyboard. Each piece on the keyboard, including the spacebar, was a link to the next part of the story. I found this very unique, because you could just click around and find any part of the story, without actually reading it in full context. The thought of hypertext is very intriguing to me, and I am anxious to view more of these very pleasing forms of literature.

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