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Social Media Update

Things are going well! For those of you who hadn’t read my last blog, my project is more or less a Pokemon battle wiki page: BattleWiki! It is coming along great, although with all of the chaos of the last week, progress has been rather slow. Below will show you several pictures of my site so far. The first is the home page, which will show links to all of my other pages (most of which are blank as of now BUT). The middle picture shows the more developed of my pages: the Top Pokemon page. This is just to give people tips on the top pokemon in the game right now. The third image is just an example of one of the pages. By the end, each link will have several pages to it and be much more in depth on the content of the game. The link to my website can be found here:

2 replies on “Social Media Update”

I really love the whole idea of Pokémon Wiki page. It’s making me want to bust out my Switch at work and play Shield right now. I would definitely suggest showing base stats for the Pokémon at say lvl 50.

Would you be linking your website to a Facebook page or Twitter page? I’m just wondering about the “Social Media” aspect of this project. Good luck and I’m looking forward to the final project!

This definitely sounds like a great idea, but I am also wondering about the social media aspect and how you plan to put this into action. I might suggest making the page and then creating an almost advertisement like series of posts on Snapchat/ Facebook/ Twitter that show specific stats, pokemon profiles, or battlefields as a kind of preview of information. Think about it as a flashcard or rather a calling card to the website maybe with a #pokewiki #catchemall. Just an idea, definitely looks good tho

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