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This may be a long shot, so let me know what you guys think! I kept saying that I wanted to do something about video games and I thought about maybe making a forum post on what a good competitive team for the newest Pokémon game would be, and perhaps post several forums on different teams that could would reach out better to certain people. Pokémon has an increasingly large fanbase, and there are hundreds of people out there who enjoy playing this game, whether in friendly competition or in ranked competitive battles. My mission would be to give some new players a chance to see what more competitive players like myself would use, and give them hope and a chance to grow in the game. It is also a way of showing a persona of myself as the Pokémon loving person I am, without the insecurities I have about liking the game because of my fear of being seen as “childish”

Since I would be posting forums or long posts about each piece of a team (6 Pokémon per team, so it can take a lot to write about each one), I have decided that creating a wiki with my website will be my best bet. I can make several different posts about battle styles and different advantages and disadvantages of certain Pokémon.

For the execution, as I said I would post several different layouts of certain competitive teams. Want a heavy hitting, all dragon-type team? I will surely have information on my page! Want to know the best defensive Pokémon for a team to keep you protected in a competition? My page will have that sort of info! I plan on just making dozens of posts on the best information that can help both rookies and professionals alike.

I will have people be able to comment on the wiki (many of my friends would love a page like this to read), and also screenshot some pagesand either just post the screenshots or create a power point presentation of each one.

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