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Social Media Brainstorm

This is quite a challenge for me. I am not sure what I really want to do for this project. While I am still trying to actually figure out what this project really is, I do have a few ideas of what I would like to at least incorporate in the project.

I have a major love for video games, particularly Nintendo games such as Pokemon or Legend of Zelda. I thought about maybe doing something on Twitch, like a live stream or a collage of some kind. Understanding the project more might also help, but I was also curious about maybe incorporating this love of video games into a Twitter page, maybe making polls or tweeting about favorite styles of play on Pokemon or preferred fighters on games like Super Smash Brothers.

I think that something relevant with video games is the direction that I want to take this project, I am just not sure what I would do beyond this, since I am still trying to figure out the true goal of this project. But I am confident that things will work out in the end!

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