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Podcast: Welcome to Nightvale

Podcasts have always been something that has caught my interest, and I always enjoy listening to them. This is no doubt the project I am going to choose between this and the artist’s book, and I am very excited to be assigned to listening to podcasts and discussing it. Out of the three options we were given, of course I chose Welcome to Nightvale. I am a huge nerd, and I spend my weekends playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) with my friends. Welcome to Nightvale honestly felt exactly like playing D&D, but through headphones.

When the narrator (I’m not sure what I should call him?) spoke as if he were the dungeon master in the game, and he spoke so passionately about the story he was telling. The narrative style he used to make us feel as if we were a part of the story was quite compelling as well. He made me believe that I was fully immersed in the story, like it was part of my life. In the reading about podcasts, the author explains that there are 11 major features to podcasts. Of these 11, I noticed a few within Welcome to Nightvale. First, the reading states that podcasts require more active engagement from the listeners part. Nightvale does this because it makes you feel that YOU are a part of the story, and it requires you to engage with the story, as if you really were in Nightvale.

Another feature is that there is no fixed or definitive text for a podcast, meaning there is no set agenda, or they can do whatever they please and fix mistakes or add apologies as they like. Nightvale is actually quite different from other podcasts that I watch. A famous YouTube channel called Smosh recently released a podcast, and while Nightvale is more of a fantasy world podcast, SmoshCast is more targeted toward discussing their own personal lives and their YouTube channels. Another interesting thing that I want to incorporate into my own podcast is the use of sound. The sound the creators of Nightvale used made it feel like I was in a fantasy movie and made the experience feel more real. Considering I want to use my podcast as a way of advertising the stories I’ve written, I am taking a lot of what I learned from Nightvale to incorporate into my own podcast the same way.

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