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Hypertext Brainstorms

Brainstorm! Thinking about an idea for hypertext is actually very fun, it gives me permission to use all of the creative power in my head, which is convenient because there is a lot. I have been thinking about this for some time now, but I think I have narrowed down the possibilities

My first idea I have already begun working on. It is an interactive story that is very similar to Star Wars. It is about a galactic bounty hunter and you get to choose the story as it goes. You can choose which weapon the hunter uses, which will then trigger different responses depending on what you choose. My second idea is to have a sort of fantasy medieval world story in which you wake up not remembering who you are. Certain things you do remember, and depending on how you answer, the story will be different. My last idea is similar to the world of Harry Potter, of course with different houses and ideas. by answering a quiz, you will determine what house you are in, and then the story will begin.

All three of these ideas are very fun and interesting, it will be hard to choose which story I will end up going with. I am looking forward to the possibilities!

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I like all three of the scenarios. From a technical / formal angle, the ‘quiz’ especially if there were other intellectual challenges (as you mention in Harry Potter but it could work in any of the scenarios) seems interesting. I like the idea of the reader having to learn things and process those in order to move forward

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