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Final Project Ideas

I am at a crossroads when it comes to my final project. Before, I had been set on working on my Wiki page. For this idea, I wanted to add many more pages and make it more in depth. Also, to give it more of a social media appeal, I planned to share it on sites like Snapchat and Facebook and see if I got any reactions from it. Another part of the Wiki page I wanted to test the most is if anyone would add pages of their own under the Battle Team page, which is what I have set up for other players of the game to share their own teams. Being that I was short on time, I figured this would be the time to really make my website shine.

The problem with this is that I also enjoyed the podcast, although with my internet issues it made it rather complicated. If I follow the path of the podcast for the final, I would add more episodes, and try to fine tune my original piece and make it flow nicer. This may be more difficult of an idea, given that my internet is not the most reliable.

Whichever of the two projects I end up doing, I am very excited for how it will look and cannot wait to see the finished project!

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I think either your Wiki page or your podcast would be good as a final project. If your internet is something that’s going to stand in the way of making your podcast it might be better to do the Wiki page. I also think that expanding your Wiki page will be cool. I think the idea of getting people to create their own pages is really fun. It allows for more interactivity while still allowing you to keep the base of the Wiki the way you want it.

I really like the idea of your wiki and growing it. While I also like the idea of adding more episodes to your podcast, I feel like it would be less stressful/easier for you to do the wiki. Reliable internet can be super tricky, and if it’s going to prolong your work/make it harder, I would go with the wiki. I bet no matter which you decide to do, it will turn out great!

I think that you should do the Wiki page as your final project based on what you said. I really like the idea of you giving it a social media appeal so you could get more feedback and interaction from others. The only thing I worry about is how you said you had internet issues with your podcast, would this mean you would have the same issues with your Wiki page?

Well, both options could work. However, with respect to sporadic internet access, the wiki project would more difficult. For podcasting, you could easily download required music, sound-effects etc. in one session — then you can work offline totally until it’s time to publish/upload the project at the end.

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